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Change Yourself Rather Changing Other

​Be Yourself...

No one starts off being Excellent

​In my journey of, Listen to Heart I am trying to understand the Purpose of Life. I have learnt that Whatever has happened in Maha-(Bharat) has happened in Bharat (India), is happening in Bharat (India) and will happen in  Bharat (India). On the contrary whatever has not happened in Maha-(Bharat)has not happened in Bharat (India), is not happening in Bharat (India) and will not happen in Bharat (India). 

 I have learnt through 'The Srimad Bhagavad Gita' in which the preaching is given to Arjuna by Krsn himself; the methodology to deal with our life. This helps us to make our life beautiful, simple and with full of love.

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 "Listen to Heart..."

"Listen to Heart - The Other Side of Life" 

​                         "Change Yourself Rather Changing Others..."

"Listen to Heart - The Transformation"

​                      "Your Happiness is your State …”

 "Listen To Heart Radhika"

                      "My Mother- My Strength ... My Weakness ""

 "Listen To Heart Soulmate"

                   " Be Yourself"

Listen To Heart Rhombus....

                  ""Sacrifice Of Love""



Sacrifice is not a Sacrifice

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