About The Book

Type your paragraph here.This book is dedicated by the author to his spiritual father Parampujniya Srila HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj who gave a place to him on his lotus feet on the auspicious day of Radhashtami on 26th Aug 2020 and accepted him as his disciple.

From the highly acclaimed author of the Listen to Heart series, comes different facets of ‘Relishing Shiksha-asthakam’. It is a journey of mind-soul and consciousness.

‘Relishing Shiksha-asthakam’ is a breath-taking, exciting, inspiring, intoxicating, invigorating journey for realizing the importance of our consciousness which should always be in Krsn Consciousness.
This would help to change our mindset to make very fruitful, effective, powerful, beneficial mindset which helps us to be on the path of a convivial and pragmatic without self-conceit and with erudition and an illuminating realization or discovery, and personal feeling of elation and ecstasy and keeps the reader totally troth and wishes to be a very congenial.
We find the importance of ‘Relishing Shiksha-asthakam’ and learn to surrender to the dance of uncertainty and trust your faith in the universal system and learn to control your mind and sensual desires rather than mind to control you and drag to ‘Maya’ thus learning to uncontrol the controllable.
‘Relishing Shiksha-asthakam’ helps us to relish ourselves to be Soul Consciousness in Krsn Consciousness.
Exploring ‘Relishing Shiksha-asthakam’, we learn the importance of acceptance by understanding the concept of understanding after misunderstanding is the best understanding.