Love wins……. with its own sacrifice.

From the highly acclaimed author of the Listen to Heart series, comes a story that perfectly weaves together a quadrangular tale of extreme emotions entwining the daily lives of its four main characters. Delving into the psychological contradictions of modern living and the inevitable, they seek solutions within the timeless preachings of The Bhagavad Gita.

Sneha is an ambitious and intelligent girl. But she fails to understand that her life is not in sync with her goal. She cannot accept defeat, and because of her anxiety and ego, attempts self-annihilation.

Monty sacrifices his love by suppressing his ego.

 His Mantra for life :

अयोध्या वापस आने पर मां कौशल्या ने श्रीराम से पूछा...

"रावण" को मार दिया ?

भगवन श्रीराम ने सुन्दर जवाब दिया...

महाज्ञानी, महाप्रतापी, महाबलशाली, प्रखंड पंडित, महा शिवभक्त, चारो वेदो के ज्ञाता, शिव ताण्डवस्त्रोत के

रचयिता लंकेश को मैंने नहीं मारा, उसे "मैं" ने मारा है। 

आओ हम सब अंहकार छोड़ दे|


A tale of the queer quartet.

Follow them into their college lives, and beyond….

A saga of love, passion, conquest, despair, tears and smiles.


 Exploring the story of Rhombus, we learn the importance of the ‘Sacrifice of Love…’