About the Book:

 Love tried and failed, and then won………….

When Hari, from a small village moved to the city and met self-made successful working lady, Raaslila, he finds her very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that she is the one he would live the rest of his life with, they embark on a journey of love and passion-until they decide to tie the knot. Both influenced and convinced by the preaching of Bhagavad Gita perfectly weaved the future of their life together and are happy to find their respective soul-mate in each other.

As they embark on a passionate love affair, the unworldly Raaslila finds the innocent village lad Hari turning to worldly attractions. Rash discovers more about her own desires and the conflict with the yearnings of Hari. Hari on the other hand as he falls head over heels for Rash, he must own up to the emotions and desires he has been trying to deny all this time - his desire to make it big in the modern urban life..

From the hugely acclaimed author of Listen to Heart: Radhika comes a story that perfectly weaves together the timeless preaching of Bhagawad Gita with our daily life and delves into the psychological contradictions of modern life and the inevitable that befalls the lovers.


Exploring the life of a Soul Mate we learn the importance to be ‘Be Yousrelf …’




Books Published to his Credentials:

Listen to Heart: The Other Side of Life
Listen to Heart: The Transformation
Listen to Heart: Radhika
Listen to Heart: Soul Mate


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