Listen to Heart - Blind Fear …

In continuation to my thought about Blindness; once a person
achieves Blindness; he is not able to see the difference between the Right and Wrong. This brings the Negative energy around him. His thoughts are Negative. He is surrounded by Negative Vibration.
This leads to even Fear. Fear of not ‘not winning’ but Fear of ‘to
Loose’. 26th Nov 2008. Does this remind you of anything? 26/11 – I am sure this cannot be forgotten by anyone specially a True Indian. This was the Black Day for all Indians. There was hue & cry. You could just hear sound of bullet shots & Cry. This was the biggest attack on India. Taj Hotel (Pride of India) was on fire. People were shot in the hospital where one gets nursing. Passengers were shot at the CST railway station which turned their journey to be the last which was finally to heaven. Everyone was continuously attached to the TV screens. Teams were sent from Delhi. It was a true Indian team (Positive Energy) fighting against the Terrorists (Negative Energy).

They were successful in killing all and even caught one of them
alive. Finally salute to the entire Soldiers who laid their lives for us
and also to those due to whom we are living freely and above all
standing ovation to the parents of these soldiers. You must be
wondering why I am talking about 26/11. It is just because we
should never forget it in our life time. This will remind us of our
strength which will help us to strengthen ourselves further.
These terrorists were full of arms & ammunitions. They were fully
working as per their plan which was not known to others. But they
were scared of the people. They were shooting - hiding & shooting
– hiding, shooting – hiding, …………. On the other hand the
commandos were trying to get closer to the terrorists without
knowing much about them and their plan. It was because the
terrorists were blind by heart i.e. the soul was getting impure due to which they were in fear whereas the heroes were performing their duty (Karma) with Pride with no fear and with confidence to Win.

Negative forces are always in Fear. It is a negative thought but they
are not able to realize as they have lost the power of differentiating between the Good & Bad. Generally all the terrorists keep cyanide as they are in fear of being caught.
Let us try to understand how Fear was there due Blindness because
of Negative vibration in case of Duryodhana. Kauravas’ army was
stronger than Pandu. Kauravas army was full of great warriors.
Infact Kaurava had Karna for Arjuna. Drona was also with Kaurava
who was the teacher of Karna & Arjuna. Kauravas had Duryodhana
for Bhima. There were many other great warriors like Bhishma.
Kauravas had Eleven Aksauhinis (Battalions) as compared to seven
battalions of Pandu. But Duryodhna refers great / mighty army to
opposite army i.e. Pandus’ army (Mahatim). It was because of Fear
due to Blindness achieved by Duryodhna as he was continuously
doing wrong things. He stopped listening to his Heart (Pure Soul).
Due to this Fear due to Blindness he was not able to listen to his
inner conscious.

All Glories to Lord Krsn & All His Loving Devotees….. Hari Bol……
Courtesy: Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (by His Divine Grace A.C.
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada), Srimad Bhagavad-Gita (by A.
Parthasarathy & ) Chapter 1: Text 2 & 3

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