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The author of this book was born as a soul in a Vatsa (Vatsa Sage), Brahmin family in village in Bihar Sharif in the district of Nalanda an ancient Nalanda University in Bihar. This soul is tagged as Anuragam Vatsa in this changing world and was well known as 'Bihari' in his student life at school and college. His father (Shri Digvijay Kumar Singh) is an Agriculturist and mother (Smt. Lakshmi Singh) is a home maker. He was brought up with his three sisters (Anjana, Arpana & Amita). He tied the knot with Pooja as his better half and was later blessed by the Lord with his best part 'Astitva'.

He started his basic education at his village. In the early age he started living with his Buaji. So they were taught to stay in a joint family and have respect and love for each other. He was studying in St. Joseph Primary School, Patna. His parents wanted him to go through good education with high values, so he moved to 'Scindia School', Gwalior. After completing his schooling he pursued for B.E. (Mechanical) from Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering, Pune University. He completed a course of Diploma (Export Management) and moved to complete MDBA (Finance) from SIMS, Pune. He is a Gold Medalist in trekking (Dukes of Edinburgh' Expedition) and touched two glaciers Mandakani & Pindari.

He started his professional life with Gas Corporation of India Ltd., Patna. He is presently performing his karma to lead his life with RSB Group. He is a life member for 'Indian Institute of Materials Management' & 'Indian Institute of Welding'.

His parents ensured that during vacations he was at his village to understand the life from roots. His great, great, grandfather (Shri. Titan Pd. Singh) had got a temple (Radhe Krsn) built in the village by donating the best and major portion of his land property to temple. He believed that all was of Krsn who had made him just the care taker. The seed of Krsn's love was sowed right from childhood. This helped him in 'The Transformation' to understand 'The Other Side of Life' which is actually the real side of life but we have termed in other way round terming the real side of life as the other side of life and the other side of life as the real side of life. He became a life member of ISKCON, Patna. After reading Bhagavad Gita he decided to write what he understood for better understanding. He got an instruction from his inner conscious to start his journey of learning, understanding and practicing of Bhagavat Gita preachings of Krsn. 

As a passionate author my social responsibility is to write books with positive thoughts and vibes which would help the readers to be in positive atmosphere. I am also associated with ISKCON and an NGO - Root Care Foundation (RCF, as part of my Akarma.

From Author's heart, "I started observing a change in myself; it started filling me with positive energy constantly. It also prompted me to follow the principle - “Change yourself rather changing others….” I started my journey of trying to understand and follow ‘The Srimad Bhagavad Gita’. The preachings of Sri Krsn to Arjuna have similarity to incidences that are present in our own life. They assist in receiving advice, instruction and guidance which come from within our own heart and enable us to start our journey of life with a real purpose. As advised by Sri Krsn, the Journey of “Listen to Heart…” started. The first milestone of this journey was with the book “Listen to Heart - The Other Side of Life” and the journey continued with the second milestone “Listen to Heart – The Transformation” with different milestones where I learnt that “Your Happiness is your State …”. The journey moved further on with the third milestone as “Listen to Heart: Radhika” where I learnt the practical implementation of our learning. Radhika does her best by dedicating her life and performing her duty for her children. We all will agree to - “My Mother- My Strength … My Weakness …” during which I understood how each soul is the same, but still they differ. Touching the fourth milestone as “Listen to Heart: Soulmate”, I learnt to “Be Yourself …” The journey of learning continued in trying to explore and understand the importance of performing Karma with synchronization of the aim and the goal while not having the anxiety of the result. I am now at the milestone of “Listen to Heart: Rhombus” having learnt the importance of Sacrifice to make myself and others happy. The journey continued to learn about the True Friendship once reached sixth milestone of “Frnz Forever”."

Books Published with Sub Title:
Listen to Heart: The Other Side of Life (Change Yourself Rather Changing Others)
Listen to Heart: The Transformation- Your Happiness is your State 

Listen To Heart: Radhika My Mother - My Strength ... My Weakness ...

Listen To Heart: Soulmate - Be Yourself

Listen To Heart: Rhombus - Sacrifice of Love..

Listen To Heart: Frnz Forever.

The Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Literature is awarded for his literary work which he does by writing and publishing books and articles based on Bhagavad Gita and its practical implications thus help the society to be within positive vibes...

He gives credit that it is all due to blessings of his Gurumaharaj, Nityanand Prabhu, Mahaprabhu, Radharani, Shyam Sunder and Gaudiya sampraday and parents, elders & seniors and complete family and friends and colleagues and my all well wishers that I received my certificate - Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Literature .


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